Wednesday, 29 April 2015

spring golden hours

For once I was in the right place at the right time (with some planing, of cause). Hiking upon a mountain top where I knew I would get a great view of the sun setting without any thing standing in the way..ahh perfect.

canon eos 6D// 35mm/f2

a white spring

Once again I got up really early and went hiking (as I've mentions in a previous post, <sunrise fail>). 
Just as you think summer is on its way, its starts to snow (#norwegianspring).
Fresh snow from the night covered the trail, I had to fight my way through some heavy branches and bushes that were covered in snow..Which all hit me in the head and went down my shirt.. I cursed every time. 

There was a moment when the sun hit the snow and an amazing steam covered the entire view, it was  like taking a lid of a pan with boiling water. AMAZING! 
It all reminded me of the "Misty Mountain" song from the hobbit. 

I have a part 2 coming up so stay tuned for that :)

canon eos 6D/ canon eos 450d// canon 35mm f/2 canon 55-200mm

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

first taste of summer

I couldn't let a beautiful day like this go unnoticed so after work I grabbed  my camera and jumped in the car.  My chosen destination fell on the beach (and a good choice if I may say so myself). Sun shining, decent temperature, seagulls relaxing in the low tide. A great way to end the day.

I couldn't resist dipping my toes in.. Although It was freezing cold it was quite refreshing (once the pain went away). 

canon eos 6D// ef 35mm f/2.0

Monday, 20 April 2015

sunrise fail

I had the alarm set to 4:30am, my backpack pre packed ready to go, thermal clothes on the chair all ready so I wouldn't have to do anything when I woke up (4:30 in the morning!!).. I should mention that I haven't been hiking or done any physical activity in over 6 months.. (on a good day I reckon i could have made it to the top in 20 minutes, without to much hassle) My lungs were burning after the first steep hill, with a faint taste of blood in my mouth, at one point i had to lay down and catch my breath(yeah I was struggling, I really need to get in shape again)..The whole reason I got up so early was to get the sunrise shot Ive been wanting for a while, high up, over looking the fjord as the sunrays would peak over the mountain tops. Only one thing stood in my way (or view) a thick layer of clouds..

Although I didn't get the shot I wanted, I did get a pretty good start to my day, having my morning cup of tea on top of the mountain, Surrounded by birdsong. Im actually considering doing this more often, what do you think? Once a week i get up really early and chase the sun, or go to a place I've never explored before?.. No matter what weather..sunshine or rain..

canon 6D// canon 35mm f/2.0

Saturday, 11 April 2015

black and grey beach

Hurray for the first beach visit of the year, it came a lot sooner than expected. Best thing; you get the whole beach to yourself!

canon eos 6D / 35mm f/2.8

Thursday, 2 April 2015